About Vikash Kumar

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How are you? Hope you are quite Well.

I am Vikash Kumar, a person behind this wonderful Blog. I am 21 years old Blogger, Digital Marketer, SEO Expert and Influencer from Bihar (India).

PS: All the content are written by me on NicheKWS, so you can also rate my writing skill.

I started this blog on 31st July 2016 ( Wow, July is always a lucky month for me). My dream is to make NicheKWS one of the top blogs of India.

The main motto of my blog is to help the people and provide secret blogging & SEO tips and tricks. 

I want to make a respective Indian blogosphere, here respective mean if someone said that I am Blogger so that everyone in India able to understand what he is? ( We do not need to tell them, that we are making money from computers 😀 )

So I am creating awareness about Blogging, I am spreading my knowledge in free, I do assist my college mates, my friends, my juniors to how to make a profitable Blog and make money online during your Study.

My Main Aim

  • Creating Awareness about Blogging.
  • Revealing Secret Blogging Tips & Trick.
  • Spreading Knowledge.
  • Helping students to make Blogs and Earn Money Online.
  • Became one of the top Blogs of India.

Blogging Journey

In the second semester, I knew about Blogging, a Facebook friend was posted a snapshot of $3000+, I messaged him and then I asked how you earned that much. He said “Blogging“.

I was aware of Blogspot, but I did not know about Blogging 😀

So I searched a lot, and made a Blog. At that time I have not the laptop or not PC, so used to go to my college Labs, Library for learning Blogging.

In starting days, I was unable to write 4-5 line by myself. After 2-3 days, I started doing copy paste. After one month I applied for Adsense (Application Rejected).

I did lots of hard work, then after 6 months, my first Adsense account was approved.  But then I knew, only Adsense is not enough to make money, we need also traffic. So I left blogging.

After 3 months, I saw one of a screenshot of $5000, that much money again excited me. Then I involved into Blogging completely.

Then again I started Blogging but not as copy paste, this time, I have started as Event Blogger, and that gave me huge success as well as money for survival.

In starting days, I used to think that, I have wasted my time in researching and learning about Blogging, but later on I realized that I was wrong, in that times I learned a lot. Now, I have more than 2+ years of experience in this field.

Thank you, my readers. In short span of time I got huge popularity and now my blog is well-known Blog…

I will add more words.

Always for You

Vikash Kumar