Ultimate Guide to Start a Successful Blog

Making a Blog, and starting a successful blog both are different to each other.

A blog can be made only in few minutes.

Take a domain, do few clicks and your blog is ready. But that blog will be successful or not, I can’t say.

Because according to Shoutmeloud 90% new blogs lead to failure.

After seeing these stats, I got shocked :O

and lots of questions began to hit my mind; Like “Why Newbie Blogger fails?”, and “What may be the reasons for failure?”

But the biggest question that came in my mind is that how can I help newbie bloggers to make a successful blog?

….and the solution is here “Perfect Guide to Start a Successful Blog”.

There are lots of newbies who came into event Blogging after my “A to Z Guide on Event Niche Blogging”, many of them got a huge success, few of them faced failure too. But they learned lots of things on their first try.

So, I hope this guide on Blogging will also help a newbie, and show the right path.

What will you learn?

  1. How to start a successful Blog?
  2. Perfect niche for starting a Blog.
  3. Perfect Goal to hit the success.
  4. Content Creation
  5. Backlink Creation Strategy for your Blog.

….and many untapped things.

The best thing is “Guest Session by Iftekhar Ahmed”. He is an awesome Blogger and SEO expert from India.

He will throw his view on biggest obstacle of newbie while making a successful blog.

As we knew, the problem of failure, so now we will cover how to resolve these problems and become a successful Blogger.

Before going to anywhere else, have look to the table of content.

He will throw his view on biggest obstacle of newbie while making a successful blog.

As we knew, the problem of failure, so now we will cover how to resolve these problems and become a successful Blogger.

Before going to anywhere else, have look to the table of content.

What is a Successful Blog??

So let’s take some introduction of a successful Blog. In a very simple word, we can say that a successful blog is that blog which has started making money or started getting some decent amount of traffic from search engine.

A basic blog is based upon the content. The root of a blog is content, but most of the newbie is copying and spinning content.

So you should not forget that the content is everything for a blog.

As we have mentioned above that the main problem is the lack of interest in the particular topic.

In our blogging community, most of the people are in the blind race.

A person a made a blog on Technology niche and Got SUCCESS 🙂 🙂 , then Everyone Will Join the race of making blog on Tech niche.


A successful blog is always not a tech blog or Blogging niche blog 😛 😛 . There are many other niches too.

If your mind is unable to reach out to those niches, then do not worry we will deep dive into a different type of niches.

Reason of Newbie Bloggers Failure

Most of the People always say that learn from others.

Yeah, many time our parents, relatives or friends says that learn from others that they are successful, they got the job, they got the xx% in the exam and what are you doing?

But here I will tell you that learn from others failures.

Yes, you should learn from them. You should deeply learn from them, that what mistakes did they?

…and also try to know the reason of that. then make a perfect strategy to work upon.

In my view, you can learn more from failure than the success.

For producing the best guide, I need to know the right reason. So I researched a lot on “Why most blogger fails eventually”, and I got some basic reasons

  • Lack of Interest in Topic/Niche
  • Improper Knowledge.
  • Poor Writing skills.
  • Impatience.
  • Distraction due to more than one Blog.
  • Event Blogging (Yes, it is the big obstacle in the way of long term)

…..and Blind race.

Don’t worry, If your English is weak because I have a solution for everything. (Will discuss further)

So this guide will have a solution for everyone, either that person is non-tech guy or newbie.

Tips for Making a Successful Blog

In blogging industry, there is a hype that making a successful blog is a very tough task. But I don’t think so. Now you will ask why??

..because in my almost 3-year career of blogging I have seen lots of up and down and learnt many things. So I have collected some special tips. Actually, those tips are not so special, everyone knows about them.

Only we need to follow..

So here I am pointing out them

  • Be focused.
  • Work on single Blog only, until you get success.
  • Be far away from distraction.
  • Try to curate the best content for your Blog.

for more tips, I have arranged an expert session.

Expert Session on Creating Successful Blog

I have managed an expert session here in this post.. and our expert is Iftekhar Ahmed (IftiSEO.com)..

Thanks for inviting me once again, well there are quite a few obstacles that everyone especially the newbies faces and that are what I am listing below.

  • The first and the biggest one is Patience and wrong mindset.

A lot of newbie bloggers enter this field thinking that they will just start earning money once they create a blog.

This mindset has always proven to cause failures as a newbie should understand the fact that blogging is now no longer a small thing.

There are 1000s of blogs coming up daily and with such advancements, the competition is also increasing rapidly. So a newbie must first focus and build a passion towards blogging before thinking of earning huge through it.

  • The second obstacle is wrong niche selection.

This can lead to time waste as writing on something that is not of your interest can be a waste of time. Apart from this, one should also make sure that the keywords and niches picked are all well researched and are not blind picked by just seeing some attractive numbers.

The last thing I want to point out is, Focus. A newbie must not be distracted and should focus on only 1 or 2 blogs in the beginning.

Iftekhar Ahmed

Picking up Perfect Niche

See, For picking a perfect niche, there is some checklist according to me.

    • Interest
    • Knowledge
    • Quality

You should have an interest in the topic. Without interest choosing a niche may lead to failure. Because blogging is all about the consistency.

If you are not interested in your blog topic then after few month you may be getting distracted.

So it is suggested that choose those niches in which you are interested, you are passionate about.

Knowledge, yes knowledge about the niche. You should have also knowledge about the niche.

and further, you are willing to provide quality in your niche.

Niche Ideas to Start a Successful Blog

First of all, I want to tell you about the niche, right? There are many people who do not know about Niche, so what is niche?

So niche is a specific topic on which you will write your Blog. It is not a broad topic.

It is always better to be specific rather than broad. If your goal is specific then chances of success will be high.


Broad: Health, Technology and etc.

Specific: Weight loss, Computer Drivers. ( These can be considered as niche)

Tip: Computer Drivers is a big niche. So giving you some micro niche idea related to it. Eg. Dell Wifi Driver, Dell Vostro Camera Driver etc.

So till now, you have understood that what is niche. There are many people out there, who do a lot of common mistakes while choosing a niche. But you don’t worry, you are at my post. I will tell you the exact procedure and exact criteria to choose a niche.

So while picking up niche which things we should consider?? think guys…

Many people will think that

    • Niche is profitable or not
    • The niche is Good or not?
    • How much money, I can earn per month by this Niche?

So these thoughts are very wrong, and also kind of reason to leads you toward failure.

You should think

  • Am I interested in this niche or not?
  • Will I able to write good content about the topic or not?

Here interested mean, you have an interest in the topic. You have knowledge about the topic, and you are passionate about that particular topic.

Here interested does not mean, I am interested in smartphones, gadgets, tech and you do not have more knowledge about the phone, gadgets.

I am talking an example to explain you. Let’s suppose you are passionate about the painting or drawing and you can draw anything on paper. So here, you have 100% interest in painting or drawing.

And also you have good knowledge about the inner aspect of the drawing like which pencil or which colour you have to use in any particular shape.

And also you have good knowledge about the inner aspect of the drawing like which pencil or which colour you have to use in any particular shape.

So, I mean to say to you that you are kind of good player of your field.

Everyone has a specific interest, and everyone is at least good at one thing. Person by person that thing can be replaced at drawing/painting or etc.

So you need to know your power, you need to find on which thing you are good. For which thing people appreciate you. Just find that thing and go with that.

..and the best thing is that you can make a blog on any topic.

Further, I will simplify your problem.

Now, you have started finding your interest in any topic in which you are good enough. But, you are totally confused now.

So don’t worry, Again I have the solution for you.

Turn your Interest into Niche

Now you and your mind will be busy in finding in which topic you are good enough.

What are your interests?

and on which topic I have good knowledge, and content writing will be easy for that topic?

I agree that you are good at something, as everyone good at something.

But when someone asks, or when you are finding in yourself that on which things you are good?

Most of the time, the mind of most of the people become blank.

For your convenience and avoiding mind blank moment, I am going to list out some generic interest, which will be helpful to find out your own interest. Your own power.

Further, you can turn your interest into a niche. From the following list, I am sure you will find your interest, you will find in which thing you are good enough to start a Blog.

Suppose I found my interest from the list…

(Click on each interest to get more topics)

General Interest

Interest for Men

Interest for Women/Girls

Interest for Kids/Teens

Wow, such an amazing list of the interest and the best thing is that now I am more confused than before. But I have the clear idea and interest just in front of me.

So after checking the rule of choosing niche

  • Interest
  • Knowledge
  • Quality (which I can provide through my content)

My niche is


So here I have done with my niche. Hope you have also got your perfect niche to work upon.

List out Competitors

Till now you have decided your niche. Now you need to explore more about your topic, so it is better to know about your competitor that what they are doing? How are they writing content?

Their strategy, their targeted keyword, and everything. If you will research about your competitor then you will have the rough idea about the working strategy and which things work for them.

So you will have their

  • Most shared content
  • List of Keywords
  • Backlink List

and the benefit will be

You can do the same as they are doing, you can provide much more value than them to rank higher in the Google.

So now we will find out the competitor in our niche.

If you don’t know how to find competitor then don’t worry it is a very easy method.

I will find out my competitor in Sketching/Drawing.

So here I am going to finding out my competitors in my niche with a very simple method, and you can also do the same.

I will use Google search to find out my competitor. Oh Really? It seems very simple.

Yes, it is very simple. Just follow the procedure.

For finding the competitor list, we should have some relevant phrase, keywords, how to ideas.

So my niche is Sketching/Drawing.

Some relevant phrases are

  • Sketching, Drawing
  • How to draw a rose?
  • how to make a horse drawing?
  • How to make girl drawing?

Note: Here I am assuming that you have chosen your niche then you have knowledge about that niche. So you can easily identify relevant phrases in your niche too. It’s not a big deal. It’s like the simple question in your niche.

So now we will put all the phrases one by one into Google search box.

Google Search: how to make a horse drawing

Similarly, you can put other phrases too and point out your competitor website.

You have to avoid big brands like wiki how. Try to choose some similar blog who matched with your search phrases.

After then make a list. So my competitor list is

  • http://www.howtodrawanimals.net
  • http://www.yedraw.com
  • http://www.how2drawanimals.com

3-5 Competitor list is good to start. Now I have competitor list in Drawing/Sketching niche.

Now the niche is more simplified for me. Because according to the competitor list my niche will start with animal drawing either that will horse or cat.

If I am good in drawing, then I can easily draw horse, cat and any animal drawing.

Keyword Research for New Blog

Now we have done with competitor list. We just need to explore some keywords for our niche. So we will perform a very simple and effective keyword research for our niche.

This keyword research will be done on the basis of the competitor list. It’s kind of competitor analysis keyword research.

For the keyword research, the best tool is Semrush. So now I will use it for finding some good keywords for my sketching and drawing niche.

Finding keywords for the new blog is not so big task. In keyword research, we will do the competitor analysis.

For performing keyword research, you should have Semrush. Get your Free 7 Days Trial of Semrush.

Steps for Keyword research for new blog

Be ready with your competitor URLs, so here are my competitors.

  • www.howtodrawanimals.net
  • www.yedraw.com
  • www.how2drawanimals.com

Steps to follow.

  • Open Semrush.com.
  • Then you need to select domain overview. Put your competitor URL in the text box, hit search.
  • By default, the country will be that country from where the site is getting higher traffic. You can change country too for viewing insight in other countries
  • Now scroll down, you will get top organic keywords. Here organic keywords mean, the keyword which is higher ranking in Google or other search engines.
  • Wow, you have some very good keywords to write content on your new blog. Note all these keywords and their search volume in a sheet or notepad.

Repeat these steps by entering other URLs.

Like I have entered howtodrawanimals.net and got few more amazing keywords to write content on.

You can process the same steps in other niches too.

In starting, I will suggest you don’t care of CPC and competition of the keyword.

If you are good to write content on that topic and you can provide better content then you may go with that keyword.

Again I am saying, make the blog in your interested field so that you can provide the quality.

So we are done with keyword research.

Domain Selection for Starting a New Blog

Quick review so far.

  • We have done with niche selection
  • Competitor list
  • Now we have keywords too.

So now we will select a good domain name for our niche.

Before going to finding the domain. I just want to say that always try to choose brandable domain over exact match domains(EMD) and PMDs.

We will use Namemesh to finding a brandable domain for our niche.

Go to Namemesh.com.

  • There will be an input box like this.

Now you have to type 2 or 3 words in it.

Let’s suppose I have typed: Animal Drawing

On namemesh, there are various columns. But for the brandable domain, I always head over to SEO section. So you can do the same for finding the best domain for your niche

Now you will have different option to choose a good domain. After choosing a domain you can register that domain through any domain registrar.

How to Set up Blog

For setting up your new blog, you need

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • So till now we have discussed with niche selection and also domain selection.

    Now you have niche as well as domain too. So we will proceed to create a blog.

    So as you are going to setup a blog. I will highly recommend only WordPress platform for starting your new blog.

    So for starting a WordPress blog, we need a hosting.

    There are many hosting provider out there. But I will recommend you to go with Siteground. Because their pricing is good to start with and their support is truly awesome.

    Free Blog Set up Service

    If you are not familiar with Blog set up, hosting and domain things. Then don't worry. I am offering free blog setup service for newbie. 

    • I will set up a blog for you, without charging anything.
    • Do you want to set up a free blog by me????

Create SEO Optimized Content

Content creating is one the most important task of the successful blogging. Because contents are the foundation stone of any successful blog. So that always work for the quality content.

Create amazing and engaging content for your readers. The content is the thing to communicate with your audience. If you want to be successful in long-term blogging then try to make your audience happy with your content.

Quality content does not mean so long content. Quality content means you are providing the value to the user. A content should be like something that solves all the query of the users.

Types of Content

If you will talk about the content then there is a different kind of content. So here I am going to discuss some popular content’s type with you.

Here our niche will be same: Drawing Sketching

  • How to’s

How to articles solve the real problems. These types of article are highly Convertable if you will provide the value and right things in your content. Suppose someone searches “How to draw a horse”. That means he is quite interested in drawing the horse.

If you will provide the simple and impressive article with easy steps to draw the horse, then that audience will be impressed with your blog and he will be your subscriber and your returning visitor.

As example, we are taking few article titles from different niche

  • How to Draw a Rose?
  • How to delete WhatsApp?
  • How to Index Backlinks?

and etc.

  • List Article

List articles are the list of the top or best things in that niche. It is also better content to deliver. It’s kind of ranking of the product or things in the article. People like to read this type of articles. So you can also include this type of article in your blog post.


  • Top 10 Place in India to visit
  • Best SEO and Blogging Tools
  • Best Pencil for Drawing

and etc.

  • Tutorial

Tutorials articles include step by step procedure to perform the task. It is kind of guidance article. Like you are teaching someone. This is again highly targeted article. You can attract visitors to your site by providing better tutorials on the topic.


  • Candle Making Tutorial
  • Kitchen Recipe Tutorial
  • Drawing Tutorial for Kids


There are many others type of the articles. But these are very effective and targeted. So you can try these on your newly created blog.

Now we will learn how to create these type of articles.

How to create content for Blog

So here we are going to learn how to create content. I am not going to tell you that write this in the first line, write this in the second line.

I am just going to sharing the procedure of creating articles. So that you will be able to create compelling content.

  • First Steps is understanding your audience, you should have knowledge of your audience that which type of article they want.

Suppose my niche is drawing and sketching. So audiences of this niche always looking for the tutorial type article like how to draw XYZ.

So once you have understood the audience then now you need to hit with great content for them.

Content Creation Guide

  • Idea

For creating content in your niche you must have some idea about the content. That which type of article you will provide, what will be topics/titles and all that.

In starting you do not need to worry more about it. You just need to follow your competitors to gaining the idea about contents.

  • You can get idea from keyword research step

If you can write content on these topics then go with it.

  • You can get some idea from the competitor site. See their [Sidebar, Navigation, Popular post, Related Post]

So you have good numbers of an idea for writing content.

  • Research

So now you have ideas of the articles, that I have to write articles on this topic. For providing better content in you need to do proper research about those topics.

I recommend you too. Do Google search on that particular topic and read at least 5-6 articles on same topics.

Then figure out, what they are providing in their content. Try to find what they are missing in their content and you can add those missing parts in your content to create a better content than your competitor.

  • Define Structure of the Article

Now define the structure of the article. So here I am including a structure of the article.

  • Write the Article

Now write the content. Before hitting publish button, check your article 2-3 times.

Backlink Strategy for New Blog

In the previous section, we have discussed the content creation and many people say “Content is everything”, but backlink is also important.

So till now, we have done with niche selection, Blog set-up, content creation. Now we will discuss on backlink strategy.

The backlink is one of the major factors of Google ranking. If you want to rank in Google then you have to work on backlinks too.

Natural backlinks are always better for your site ranking. So try to create something better which can the natural backlink.

For the long race, it is better to get backlink naturally.

So how can you get natural backlinks?

  • Create High-quality linkable content
  • Do email outreach to get backlinks

Here is a link building case study from Backlinko to create better content and get high-quality backlinks.

If again you want to create manual backlink then here I am going to listing the practical things only. I will tell you an exact strategy which I follow for my Blog.

The Backlink Strategy which I follow

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Forum link

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is one of the best methods to get high quality and relevant backlinks. But here is some tweak to get all the best backlinks from your competitor.

Above, we have listed out our competitor who is ranking in the same niche, in which we are also working.

So our competitor list is:

  • http://www.howtodrawanimals.net
  • http://www.yedraw.com
  • http://www.how2drawanimals.com

For competitor backlink analysis, I will use SEO Profiler.

SEO Profiler is an SEO tool who provide backlink data of any website. So We will use it.

  • Go to SEO Profiler, here is the link.
  • Now click on the Log IN, Guest.
  • Create a New account. Verify your email address, and Now you are on the project overview page or you can say Dashboard.
  • Now choose Link Profiler from the left sidebar and then click on the backlink.
  • Now you have to enter your competitor URL in the URL box.

  • Now suppose, I put howtodrawanimals.net in URL box and then hit enter. Now scroll down to the result.

See the screenshot.

  • 1: Click here to get LIS filtered result, that mean high score and good quality site first.
  • Anchor: The anchor text used by the competitor to get the backlink for that particular post/page.
  • Nofollow: For the Nofollow link, there will be mention “Nofollow”, otherwise, all backlinks shown in the screenshot are Dofollow if there is nothing mentioned.
  • Create backlink here: Go to that page and make backlink on that page if that is comment or forum link. If that is a contextual link(Link from the post), then you can outreach to the site owner to link to your article.

If you are unable to create backlinks on some sites, then simply you can skip that site.

  • Repeat this competitor backlink analysis step with other competitor URLs.

Forum link Building + Traffic Generation

Forums are better to get targeted high-quality traffic. Because on the forum people are searching for the solution of the problems.

So if you will provide the better solution to them then they will be your in your subscriber list.

I would say, Forum is far better for traffic than link gathering. So don’t focus to only get links from forums.

Forums are best sources to get initial high-quality traffic and subscriber for your blog when your blog is new.

So, I will highly recommend you to follow this strategy, not for only link, for initial traffic also.

On one of my niche blog, I am getting daily 100+ visits from only forums.

So how to do the same.

Follow the steps.

  • Go to DropMyLink.
  • Login if you have already account there, otherwise you can sign up. It’s is free of cost.
  • After sign in, you will get this screen

  • In the category choose “Forum Backlinks” and in footprint, you have few options. You can choose any of them.

  • In the input box “Enter your Keyword or niche” type the niche relevant keyword or question. So I have entered “how to draw horse” and chosen PhpBB. You can change PhpBB to other footprints for more forum result.

  • After hitting search, I got the following result.

All the results are forums which are hosted on PhpBB. You can get different forums too by changing footprints. Now go to these sites

  • Create Account
  • Post some really good answer, and link back to your post.

Now few things to consider

  • Always choose latest date forum topic, that mean that topic will be active recently, and you can get traffic from that forum.
  • Many forums don’t allow the direct link from threads, so you can get the link from Forum profile signature. Find it in your forum profile.
  • You can change your search terms, keywords and question to get more and more forum threads.

So here I have done with forum link building.

So it is enough to start your blog and grow some traffic with these link building strategy.

For the better understanding of backlink building, I will create separate guide and case study.

Over to You 

Creating a Blog is an easy task if you are aware of the internet and some technical stuff. Nowadays it is also easy for non-techy people.

But it is little difficult to make that blog successful. You have to follow up a right niche and then….

Target the right audience with good quality content.

So I have shared all the basic and important things which are required while creating a money making blog.

This blog post can not make you able to create a successful blog right now, but it can make you able to lay a very strong foundation stone.

..and most of the people say “Starting is very difficult”.

But I made your start very easy and effective.. Hope this perfect guide has given you lots of motivation and knowledge to start a Blog.

Did you like this Guide??  Tell me your view in comment.

And also hit Share to spread the knowledge..because

Sharing is always awesome…

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